Creating a mentoring culture in College

Establishing and embedding a mentoring programme

Reasons for attending
Do you want to create an ethos of continuous improvement and build a more supportive college culture?  Would you like to see staff more engaged, motivated and achieving their potential? Are you a senior staff member keen to continue your own personal development by extending your skills within your current role?  Would you like to build better peer support networks? Could you benefit by breaking down departmental boundaries and sharing knowledge and skills to build the capacity of the College?

Organisations that have implemented a mentoring programme have noticed significant increases in engagement, motivation and productivity. They are better prepared to respond quickly to changing circumstances and meet the challenges of tomorrow during a time of economic austerity.  Mentoring schemes give staff the support, guidance and nurturing they need to excel, helping them identify the hurdles they face and find ways to overcome them, building the capacity of the organisation and giving it a competitive edge.

What this programme is about
This highly practical programme will identify what you need to do to establish a mentoring culture in college and provide a framework for implementing the scheme.   Establishing an effective ethos, contracting, and agreeing appropriate boundaries will all be considered to ensure the scheme has a real impact whilst not detracting from the ‘day job’.  Selecting the right people as both mentors and mentees, ensuring mentors have the right skills and confidence to support staff in this way and establishing on-going support networks for the mentors are key to success. This course will provide the toolkit needed for senior staff to establish a scheme that’s successful and sustainable.

During this programme you will learn


Duration: 6 hours
Fees on application

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