Motivational Interviewing

Helping students get back on track

Reasons for attending this programme:
Motivation, the energy that gets things done!
Many young people in colleges experience difficulties with their behaviour, which may include habits and patterns that are hindering their ability to achieve their potential. They can appear resistant to perceived authority and are often pushing at boundaries.

This resistance can mean that they are least able to receive help at the time when they are most in need of it.  The energy that we put into trying to turn this resistance into compliance can, not only be draining, but can also, if we are no careful, simply further entrench the student into the problem behaviour.

Motivational interviewing is a tried and tested approach that helps students channel the energy they put into resisting, in the direction of positive behaviour change.

What is this training about?
At this event you will learn to utilise Motivational Interviewing techniques through a mixture of theory and practical activities designed to help you bring students back on track. Motivational Interviewing is a directive yet person centred approach that guides students to make positive changes through exploring and resolving the ambivalence that keeps them from moving forward.

During this programme you learn:
Understand the principles of Motivational Interviewing
Learn simple techniques that:


Duration: 6 hours
Fees on application

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